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Registered big game hunting guide Ray Paniwozik has lived in Alaska for 19 years and has guided hunters and fisherman in Alaska since 1996. His big game guiding career has led to hunt many areas of Alaska including South Central Alaska, the Alaska Peninsula, Alaska Range, and Kodiak Island. Ray is not only a registered big game hunting guide but he also holds a United States Coast Guards License and guides fisherman.

 Ray is a firm believer in 100% fair chase hunting practices and has never had a hunting violation. He believes in working with a limited number of hunters and providing them with a true Alaska hunting experience. He builds lifetime friendships and relationships wth his clients.

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Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunting and Alaska Black Bear Hunting

Our Alaska grizzly bear  hunting and Alaska black bear hunting season typically begins in Mid-May with either five full days of two-on-one style Alaska black bear hunts, or ten day, one-on-one Alaska grizzly bear hunts. A minimum of two additional days will need to be allotted for travel in and out of camp, as regulations stipulate that no one can hunt the same day they fly, and due to the ever changing weather, at least one day will be needed to return to the road system. 
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Alaska Sheep Hunting Chugach Mountains

The Chugach Mountains, known for producing quality sheep is where HCO will take you on your quest for a Dall Sheep. The Chugach Mountains sheep  hunting covers a vast diversity of terrain including glaciers and high alpine mountain valleys. Typically our dall sheep hunts begin at mile 115 of the Glenn Highway with a flight in a bush plane with a local air service out to a spike camp. From there we will either trike out on day sheep hunts and return to our spike camp at the end of each evening, or via backpack and leg power traverse through the country using small mountaineering tents to provide shelter as we search for a high quality ram.
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Alaska Moose Hunts

As the dwarf birch brush begins the transition from green to red, and the days begin to take on the feel of fall, our season for trophy Bull Moose begins. Starting Sept 1st and running until sept 20th we pursue trophy class bulls in our area. Our Moose area is on a draw style hunt, as with our Dall sheep and Rocky Mountain Goats, and the draw begins November 1st and ends December 15th.
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Alaska Goat Hunts

Rocky Mountain Goat is a highly sought after trophy with the challenge of steep terrain, and closing the distance on a fine “Billy” can test the fortitude of any mountain hunter. HCO offers the opportunity to hunt Rocky Mountain Goats in areas that see little to no hunting pressure.
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